TheTwoBrains: “I Study Poop – Adventures of Scientists on the Front Line” Interview

I was recently featured as an early-career researcher on thetwobrains, an awesome blog about the gut-brain axis! Read for entertaining experiences microbiome researchers face, and follow for the latest interesting gut-brain research!

The Two Brains

Hi Brain-Gut Lovers! Today I am introducing a new section of the blog that I am really excited about. Drum roll please…..Da da da daaaaaaa

I Study Poop: Adventures of Scientists on the Front Line

Today we are catching up with Arielle Radin, currently at New York University, and about to head to Tel Aviv University, regarding some of her poop-related love.

Tell us a little about yourself, who are you, what stage of your career are you in, where are you studying/working?

Hi fellow poop lovers, my name is Arielle Radin and I manage translational research projects aimed at evaluating the role of the gut microbiome on human health and disease. Officially, I am a Research Coordinator within the Department of Medicine at the NYU Langone School of Medicine. Since my time at NYU, I have worked for a couple of different researchers (Dr. Lea Ann Chen, Dr. Lama Nazzal,Dr…

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