Originally from St. Petersburg FL, I moved to NYC to attend Columbia University for college. During my undergraduate years I studied the cognitive neuroscience of normative aging. Following graduation I worked at NYU’s School of Medicine to conduct translational microbiome research. I then spent 5 months in Israel to conduct neuro-immunology research at Tel Aviv University.

I am now studying and conducting research at UCLA towards my PhD in Health Psychology. I aim to connect my research interests in cognition, the microbiome, and the immune system as they relate to stress resilience and chronic disease outcomes.

I am also involved in an early-stage healthcare startup company aimed at empowering individuals to be proactive in their chronic disease management. Check out the cool work we are doing here: Gali Health

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In my spare time, I enjoy:

  • Running and yoga
  • Eating and drinking all things probiotic
  • Exploring Los Angeles
  • Traveling to NYC and Tel Aviv as much as possible